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A-Sha Foods USA

Food to Fuel our Future

 A-Sha Foods USA strives to create Food to Fuel our Future with 8 main product verticals beyond just the best ramen noodles on the market: Legacy, Convenience, Snack Line, Beverage, Natural, Cross-Overs, Comfort, and Innovations are all manufactured with transparency, innovation, sustainability, and premium quality in mind. 

Coming from a 100-year-old legacy of tradition in producing quality noodles, we have now coupled technology with our heritage to start manufacturing food that is healthier, lower in sodium and kinder to our bodies, food that is sustainable and respectful of the planet we live on and looking beyond our ecosystem towards a future where non-perishable foods may be the best alternative.

 A-Sha Principles


The A-Sha 8

A-Sha Legacy

Over 40 years of traditional noodle crafting.

 A-Sha Convenience

Eating good, eating fast, doesn't equal eating bad.

A-Sha Snacks

The meal in-between your meal should be just as good.

A-Sha Beverage

Refreshing, authentic Taiwanese beverages.

A-Sha Natural

Non-GMO. Reduced sodium. Gluten free.

A-Sha Cross-Over

Collaborations & Partnerships.

A-Sha Comfort

Food for the soul inspiring feel-good moments and memories.

A-Sha Innovations

Sustainable foods and products to fuel our future.

A-Sha Vegan Egg