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Our Story

Taste of Taiwan created by you

A-Sha Foods USA strives to create Food to Fuel our Future with 8 main product verticals beyond just the best ramen noodles on the market: Legacy, Convenience, Snack Line, Beverage, Natural, Cross-Overs, Comfort, and Innovations are all manufactured with transparency, innovation, sustainability, and premium quality in mind. 

A-Sha Foods USA delivers the authentic taste of Taiwan to your doorstep, offering a variety of delicious noodle dishes and tasty snacks that provide a unique and wholesome alternative to conventional fried noodles. With our patented 100-year-old recipe and time honored 18-hour noodle drying technique, we’re combining traditional tastes with modern standards to create premium products that contain no artificial flavoring or preservatives. With over 10g of plant-based protein per serving, our noodles are like nothing you have ever had before. Already recognized by food critics as the top noodle from Taiwan, we invite you to be delighted by the convenience of easy-to-make noodles that are delicious, nutritious, and prepared with nothing suspicious.