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Badtz-Maru Mandarin Noodles

Sesame Boss Sauce (1 set With 5 Packs)

Savor every slurp of Badtz-Maru Mandarin Noodles knowing they're made with no preservatives, artificial flavors or MSG. 

  • Air-dried, never deep-fried
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors or coloring
  • Contains no meat or dairy
  • #1 Rated Noodle Brand from Taiwan
Barcode: 4715635854350

Features and Benefits

10g Protein

Air-dried and never deep-fried, our premium noodles are made from the highest quality ingredients.

A-Sha noodles are made with finely sifted and fiber-rich whole wheat flour resulting in each serving having at least 10g of plant-based protein.

Wheat IconMade with finely sifted wheat flour
Air Dried IconAir-dried
Temperature iconStored at room temperature
Home-made iconThe taste of home-made ramen
Non fried or frozen iconNon-fried or frozen
  • Sauce
  • Allergen
  • Ingredients
Sesame Boss Sauce is a distinct flavor of the Taiwanese culinary landscape with a delicious combination of sesame taste and savory flavor.
Wheat, soy, sesame

Noodle Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Water, Salt.

Sauce Packet Ingredients: Soy Sauce (Water, Sugar, Salt, Soybean, Wheat, Caramel Color, Yeast Extract, Malic Acid), Sesame Paste, Chili Oil (Soy Oil, Paprika, Capsicum Extract), White Sesame Oil (Soy Oil, Sesame Oil), Citric Acid.  

Cooking Directions

Bring to Boil
Bring at least 4 cups water to a rolling boil
3 minutes cooking time
Add noodles and cook for 3 minutes. (Please adjust cook time longer for a softer noodle)
Drain Noodles
Drain noodles from water after cooking.
Add Sauce Packet
Add Sauce packet into the noodle.
Mix and Enjoy
Mix and enjoy with your favorite sauce while warm!